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Westinghouse Digital Wireless HDMI HDTV

WirelessHD 1.0 has just been announced and Westinghouse are hot on their heals with the announcement of their Digital Wireless HDMI HDTV. Westinghouse has been working with Pulse-Link and plan to demo the HDTV at this years CES. Read more

Westinghouse TX-47F430S Reviewed

Westinghouse TX-47F430SWestinghouse along with Vizio are very well known for offering extremely competitive priced offering great value for money and a quality HDTV. From the Westinghouse TX series comes the Westinghouse TX-47F430S, a large 47-inch HDTV with a 1080p LCD screen offering a 1920x1080p pixel resolution for the very highest HD format available. Read more

Westinghouse L2410NM Reviewed

Westinghouse L2410NMIf you are torn between buying an HDTV and a PC monitor, or simply want great HD options on on your monitor at a great price the Westinghouse L2410NM could be perfect for you. The L2410NM is a 24-inch hybrid set taking on both PC monitor roles and HDTV roles offering suitable connections for both uses. Offering a native HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels (supports PC input up to 1920 x 1200) for 720p and 1080i, 8ms response time, 500 cd/m2 brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio. Read more