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Vizio VP-Series

It looks like Vizio has also been very busy this year and are showing off their latest HDTVs at CES. They have announced eight new plasma sets under their new VP series. This VP series can be broken down into three different classes, outlined below. Vizio-vp605FTheir top of the line offerings come in the form of the 50-inch Vizio VP504F and the 60-inch Vizio VP605F, which both have full 1080p HD plasma screens and Silicon Optix HQV Processing. The 32-inch to 50-inch VP322, VP422, VP423, and VP503 offer 720p HD plasma screen. Finally the Vizio Jive VP500 and VP501 offer an all in one home theater solution where the full 1080p plasma screens also offer a full Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system.

For more information, on the Vizio VP Series, view the individual pages below.