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Vizio VL Series, VT Series

Having just updated their XVT series for 2009, Vizio have also launched the Vizio VL Series and the Vizio VT Series of Full HD 1080p LCD HDTVs. All models in the two series have a 1080p LCD panel with 120Hz Smooth Motion II technology.

The 120Hz Smooth Motion II technology featured on all models refresh the images faster which helps to eliminate motion blur during fast moving scenes, and the Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 50,000:1 provides deep blacks and vivid colors.

The Vizio VL series features SRS Labs TruSurround HD for optimized lower frequent performance and bass, and creating a realistic surround sound effect. The VL420M and VL470M also features TruVolume HD, allowing customers to set the volume at a level, so there are no volume fluctuations, during adverts etc. The VT Series uses SRS TruSurround XT for improved audio performance and surround sound.

Select models features a USB media player, which can play MPEG-2, H.264 & WMV9 Video, photos, and music from a thumb drive or FAT32 hard drive. Some models also features a new “Vizio Pause It” feature, allowing customers to pause Live TV.

Vizio VL Series

The Vizio VL Series consists of four models from 32-inches to 47-inches, as the Vizio VL320M, 37-inch Vizio VL370M, 43-inch Vizio VL420M and the 47-inch Vizio VL470M.

Vizio VT Series

The Vizio VT Series consists of just two larger mode s the 42-inch Vizio VT420M and the 47-inch Vizio VT470M.