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Vizio VF550XVT XVT Series

vizio vf550xvtVizio have announced a new 55-inch 1080p LCD HDTV, the Vizio VF550XVT, with 120Hz Smooth Motion technology. The VF550XVT1A is part of the Vizio XVT Series.

The Vizio VF550XVT looks immediately impressive with it’s large 55-inch screen, boasting the full HD 1080p resolution, and 120Hz technology which helps to eliminate motion blur and image judder, making the VF550XVT perfect for sports and high motion action films. The 55-inch Vizio XVT model also has a very high 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, delivering impressive colors and deep black levels.

Connectivity is very impressive with a massive 5 HDMI 1.3 inputs, and 9 total HD inputs, a number only found on a few very highend HDTVs. With a 10-bit LCD panel the Vizio VF550XVT1A can display 1.7 billion colors with a fast response time of 5ms, and an advanced polarizer for less annoying reflectivity. The large HDTV is also very eco-friendly, achieving 15% better savings than the Energy Star 3.0 criteria.

vizio vf550xvt

The Vizio VF550XVT also features SRS TruSurround HD for impressive home theater sound.  The 55-inch Vizio will be available for just $1999 in January 2009.