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Vizio VU-Series VU32L, VU37L

Vizio VU37LVizio have added two new models to their VU Series, which also also known as the Envy range. The 32-inch Vizio VU32L, and the 37-inch Vizio VU37L, join the existing 42-inch VU42LF model. Both sets have a 720p resolution along with a easy access side mounted “HD Game Port” with HDMI inputs. Read more

Vizio SV42LF, SV47LF

Vizio SV47LFVizio have introduced their new “Black Tie” range which consists of the 42-inch Vizio SV42LF and the 47-inch SV47LF LCD HDTVs. Vizio have introduced a lot of new technology to this line, starting with full 1080p HD LCD screen with 120Hz processing, Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) to reduce judder and improve sharpness during fast motion scenes, along with a side mounted “HD Game Port” HDMI input. Read more

Vizio VP-Series

It looks like Vizio has also been very busy this year and are showing off their latest HDTVs at CES. They have announced eight new plasma sets under their new VP series. This VP series can be broken down into three different classes, outlined below. Read more

Vizio VP500, VP501

The Vizio VP500 and Vizio VP501 aims it’s self to the home theater enthusiast as the all in one solution. The 50-inch VP500 will keep it’s 720p screen, while the VP501 now has a full HD 1080p screen. Read more

Vizio VP322, VP422, VP423, VP503

These Vizio’s offer a 720p HD resolution with deep black levels, great colors and HDMI 1.3 inputs for the latest connectivity. The 32-inch Vizio VP324 offers a 1024 X 720 resolution with a high 15,000:1 contrast ratio for deep blacks and great colors. Read more

Vizio VP504F, VP605F

Vizio’s top of the line plasma are the 50-inch Vizio VP504F and the 60-inch VP605F. These sets includes Silicon Optix’s REON HQV chip which reduces noise and produces the sharpest images available. Read more

Vizio GV42LF Reviewed

The Vizio GV42LF HDTV is Vizio’s latest LCD offering Full HD (1080p) at 42-inches, just like it’s bigger brother, the 47-inch GV47LF, it’s very popular with customers giving them a quality HDTV at the highest resolution available at a very reasonable price. Read more

Vizio GV47LF Reviewed

Vizio GV47LFThe new Vizio 47-inch 1080p offering, the Vizio GV47LF has been hugely popular with customers who fell that they have gotten a great deal for their money giving them a very large and feature filled LCD HDTV. The Vizio GV47LF certainly does seem like a great price for an 1080p (Full HD) LCD HDTV at roughly $1800 or less (check bellow) offering a 1920x1080p resolution LCD, a 1600:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 178 degrees viewing angle and a fast 8ms response time. Read more

Vizio VP42 HDTV Reviewed

Vizio VP42The Vizio VP42 HDTV is a very well priced 42-inch plasma screen offering very good image quality and colors at a very reasonable price. Plasmas often offer better value for money over LCD screens at larger sizes, but Vizio has managed to take your money even further, giving you a large screen with great quality. The Vizio VP42 offers a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution and supports both 720p and 1080i HD formats, 178 degrees viewing angle, built in NTSC, ATSC tuner and 120.4 cd/m2 brightness. Read more

Vizio 52-Inch 1080p LCD | $2200

According to Digitimes a 52-inch Vizio Full-HD (1080p) LCD TV is expected to be released to the North American market in August this year manufactured from LCD panels sourced from LG.Philips, say their sources. Read more

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