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Vizio 52-Inch 1080p LCD | $2200

According to Digitimes a 52-inch Vizio Full-HD (1080p) LCD TV is expected to be released to the North American market in August this year manufactured from LCD panels sourced from LG.Philips, say their sources.

Apparently this 52-inch Vizio model will cost just $2,200 and will be available inititaly in Costco. Vizio also plan to launch a 40-inch full Hd LCD by the end of the year using panels from S-LCD, a joint venture between Sony ans Samsung.

Other details about the 52-inch 1080p LCD are extremely scarce, but we sure hope they are true. A full hd set at this size for just over $2,000 would no doubt push down prices from other manufactures. We will keep you updated.