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ViewSonic N3235w Reviewed

ViewSonic N3235wThe ViewSonic N3235w is a great budget choice for most users but the enthusiast might find the connections somewhat limiting. The list price for the 32-inch N3235w is $650 which you can’t complain about for it’s screen size and quality, but they have cut some corners with connectivity. The ViewSonic N3235w has gone the “now” look with the black glossy frame and features a 1,360×768 resolution which supports 720p and 1080i and has an on board digital tuner. Sadly there is only one HDMI input (maybe look for a HDMI switcher), component, s-video, and one VGA PC input, which can support up to the max resolution of 1,360×768 pixels, and can be used as a large PC monitor.
Cnet have taken a look at the ViewSonic N3235w and say, we appreciated the addition of a “no scale” mode, although it’s really only useful with 720p sources, which appear with small, black bars on all sides and no scaling (ensuring a 1:1 pixel match with incoming material for maximum sharpness) to satisfy purists. 1080i sources in this mode just fill the screen. We also liked the Zoom key, which simply magnified the image.

We found most other aspects of the ViewSonic’s picture pleasing. There was no excessive false contouring in areas such as the smoky light streaming in through the museum windows or the shine of a light over Kar’s shoulder as he stoops over the preresurrected Jade, although there was slightly more than the Samsung. We did detect slightly more noise than the Samsung showed in skies and other flat fields from our 6-foot seating distance, but the difference wasn’t drastic.