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Viewsonic N2635w, N3235w and N3735w

ViewSoni N3235wVewsonic have updated their line of low priced HDTVs with with the Viewsonic 35 Series of LCDs which are avaliable now. The 35 series include the 26-inch Viewsonic N2635w, the 32-inch Viewsonic N3235w and the 37-inch Viewsonic N3735w. All come with integrated ATSC/NTSC tuners, have a 1366×768 native HD resolution (for 720p and 1080i HD formats), vivid 500 nits brightness, an 8ms LCD response time and precision video processing to make use of ViewSonic’s Advanced ClearPicture electronics for very smooth and details images during high speed scenes.

All come with great connectivity with HDMI (with HDCP), DVI, S-Video, composite and component video inputs along with SPDIF digital audio out as well as integrated 20-watt Dolby speakers. The ViewSonic 3235w and N3735w have a contrast ratio of 1200:1 while the smaller N2635w offers a 800:1 ratio for viewing and any lighting environment. The N2635w and N3235w also feature VGA input for PC connection allowing you to use the LCD as a monitor or connect up a Media Center using this connection.

The N2635w has a street price of just $599, the N3235w of $699 and the larger N3735w for $899.