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Denon S-302 / S-102

Denon S-302Denon have long been known for the high quality sound and video entertainment systems. Their latest offerings, the Denon S-302 and the S-102 smart home theater systems look great and are very compact. Read more

Helios H2000

Helios H2000Last year Helios released the very popular, and cheap H4000 upscaling DVD player, now they have released their very impressive, and cheaper, Helios H2000. The slim and stylish multi-format player can upscale / upconvert your standard DVDs upto 1080i HD and even upscale DivX and XviD files. Read more

Toshiba SD-370E

Toshiba SD-370ERight now the HD disc format wars are no where nearer the end, and people do not want to pay out for something which might never take off, so many want to make the most of the existing DVD collection, and if you have a HDTV this is where Upscaling DVD players come in to the picture. They take your standard DVDs which have only 576 lines of video information and turn it into a high HD resolution of 1280 x 768 or 1920 x 1080 pixels to suit your HDTV perfectly. Read more