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Toshiba 55ZX900, 65ZX900 | ZX900 Series Cell TV

Toshiba ZX900 SeriesThe Toshiba Cell TV has been announced for the US, known as the Toshiba ZX900 series. We have previously seen details of the Toshiba Cell HDTV from it’s Japanese version the 55X1.

The Toshiba ZX900 series Cell TV is Toshiba’s top of the range flagship HDTV for 2010 and in many ways stands out from the other highend HDTVs on the market.

The ZX900 series consists of the 55-inch Toshiba 55ZX900, and the 65-inch Toshiba 65ZX900 are unique in the HDTV world as they contain a Cell processor, the very same which powers the Sony Playstation 3. This gives the Toshiba Cell TV 143 times the processing power of the average HDTV. This massive increase in processing power enables it to perform many more features such as Resolution+ upscaling, 480Hz frame rate, true 3D support and media server capabilities.

Toshiba ZX900 Series

Another main feature of the Toshiba ZX900 series is it’s Net TV applications which support Netflix, VUDU, CinemaNow and Pandora streaming. There is even built in 802.11n WiFi and DLNA support allowing home media and Internet connectivity without the need of an Ethernet cable. Toshiba also managed to cram in 1TB of storage space for streaming and data storage.

Both the Toshiba 65ZX900, and 55ZX900 feature KIRA2 LED-backlit displays that have 512 zones of localized dimming, providing excellent contrast ratios. A very high ClearScan 480Hz frame rate provides crisp and clear images during fast motion scenes without image blur.

The Toshiba Cell TV is also one of the very first to support true 3D, using frame sequential system that changes from 240Hz mode in 2D to deliver 120Hz for the right, and 120Hz for the left eye. MPEG4-MVC, RealD, and more 3D formats are supported.  You can also “Watch Everything in 3D” on the Toshiba ZX900, including 2D movies, TV shows sports and video games form using TriVector 2D to 3D Technology.