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Toshiba Regza Z3500 Series

Toshiba 57Z3500 (Regza Z3500 Series)Toshiba has announced a total of 15 HDTVs including five in their top of the line flagship series the Toshiba REGZA Z3500 Series. Their new Z3500 Series range from the 37-inch 37Z3500 up the the huge 57-inch 57Z3500 with 42-inch, 46-inch and 52-inch sizes also available.
The Toshiba Z3500 sets certainly do look very impressive and offer many new generation features. Firstly, these are 1080p 1920×1080 pixel resolution LCD sets offering 120Hz technology for clearer, less motion blur images, with 10-bit IPS panel for enhanced colors.

Connection wize the Z3500 series have three HDMI 1.3 inputs which support 1080p/60p/24p with x.v.Color / DeepColor, 3x Ethernet ports for browsing the internet with the built in browser or streaming DLNA and CTCP-IP media content from your Qosmio PC or local NAS server, VGA PC Input, 2x Firewire and 2x USB 2.0 inputs. The USB 2.0 (and we also assume the Firewire) ports can be used for connecting up a few external hard disks for using the set as a DVR (digital video recorder) and playback.

Toshiba Regza Z3500 Series Lineup

Toshiba Regza Z3500 Series Sets:

  • 57Z3500 – 57-Inch, Late October, $8,240
  • 52Z3500 – 52-Inch, Mid October
  • 46Z3500 – 46-Inch, Mid October
  • 42Z3500 – 42-Inch, Late September
  • 37Z3500 – 37-Inch, Late September, $3,120

Japanese z3500 press release