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Toshiba Z Series

Toshiba Z-Series 47Z3030DThe new Toshiba Z Series will replace the popular and successful X series. The Z series models will range from the 37-inch Toshiba 37Z3030D, to the largest 57-inch 57Z3030D. All models are LCD 1080p / 24p screen with “Active Vision M100“, which is Toshiba’s 100Hz technology which outputs at a high 100Hz rate to cut down on motion blur and juddery motion. Toshiba has also added a motion judder canceler which should cut out and image jagging from the 3:2 pulldown process.
Apparently also the Toshiba Z series can dispay 24p material and 120Hz, but we do not have anymore information on this right now.

Toshiba Z Series’ use full 1080p HD IPS panels with a WCG-CCFL backlight for an enhanced color space along with 10-bit image processing covering 98% of the NTSC color spectrum.

Image improvement comes from their new Pixel PROcessing V, which offers a dynamic gamma curve correction feature which enhances the details in the image by continually adjusting brightness, color balance and contrast without effecting the black and white parts of the image.

The Toshiba Z Series comes with thee HDMI 1.3 inputs which support HDMI-CEC for REGZA Link for controlling multiple home theater devices from a single remote. All Z Series models comes with an internal DVB-T tuner and a new speaker system from Onkyo for superb sound.

Toshiba Z Series

  • Toshiba 37Z3030D – 37-Inch
  • Toshiba 42Z3030D – 42-Inch
  • Toshiba 47Z3030D – 47-Inch
  • Toshiba 52Z3030D – 52-Inch
  • Toshiba 57Z3030D – 57-Inch