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Toshiba XV645 | 40XV645U, 46XV645U, 52XV645U

Announced at CES 2009 Toshiba have three new Regza series HDTVs for 2009. Toshiba are taking a “quantum leap” with it’s highly acclaimed Regza line, offering state-of-the-art cosmetics, premium picture quality and next generation connectivity.

The Toshiba VX645 series will be available in three sizes as the 40-inch Toshiba 40XV645U, 46-inch 46XV645U, and the 52-inch 52XV645U. Featuring the Regza Engine, PixelPure 5G 14 Bit internal digital video processing and Resolution+ super resolution technology which upconverts all resolutions to full 1080p HD to get the very best quality.

toshiba 40xv645

ClearFrame 120Hz technology provides judder free images, and motion blur free action during fast motion scenes. AutoView technology automatically selects the best image settings depending on the picture signal and ambient room light, this also reduces power usage.

Three HDMI 1.3 inputs are featured on all the Toshiba Regza VX645 series models, all with Regza-Link (HDMI-CEC) and PC VGA input.

  • Toshiba 40XV645U / 40XV645| (May 2009)
  • Toshiba 46XV645U / 46XV645 | (May 2009)
  • Toshiba 52XV645U / 52XV645 | (May 2009)