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Toshiba 37XV505DB Reviewed

Toshiba 37XV505DBThe Toshiba 37XV505DB seems like a true winner with it’s good specifications, a large 37-inch full HD (1080p) LCD screen an a very attractive price of just under £600 at the time of writing. The 37XV505DB also has an attractive design with a nice frame, and it doesn’t give anything away that the set comes in on the lower price end. The 37-inch screen offers the highest HD format of 1080p with a 18,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for great colours and deep blacks.

Connection wise the Toshiba 37XV505DB is very well equipped with three HDMI 1.3 inputs, PC VGA input, 2x scart, component, subwoofer line out and optical audio output. Image processing and enhancement is handled by the Toshiba Active Vision LCD engine, which improves motion handling, colours and details, while reducing any noise.

Toshiba 37XV505DB

The Toshiba 37XV505DB also includes an automatic backlight adjustment to provide the best viewing conditions, and a dedicated gaming mode. TrustedReviews looked at the 37XV505DB and said, the set’s pictures do have some features, at least in relation to other sets going for the same sort of money. Not least among these is the fact that they don’t suffer too badly with motion blur considering this is a budget TV.