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Toshiba ZV650 | 42ZV650U, 47ZV650U, 55ZV650U

The Toshiba ZV650 series is the middle range of the three new Regza models for 2009. The new Toshiba Regza ZV650 series model will be available in three sizes, as the 42-inch Toshiba 42ZV650U, 47-inch 47ZV650U, and the largest 55-inch 55ZV650U.

New to this series is “ClearScan 240″ technology which works with the 120Hz frame rate technology by adding a scanning backlight technology to create an improved, faster 240Hz effect for sharper images during fast scenes and elimination of image judder. The Toshiba ZV650′s also add the impressive Dolby Volume technology which applies a sophisticated psycho-acoustic model of human hearing to adjust volume levels to correct annoying volume increases in commercials, and boosts low, hard to hear audio.

toshiba 47zv650

Connectivity is good on the Toshiba Regza ZV650 models with 4x HDMI 1.3 inputs with REGZA-LINK and InstaPort feature for super fast HDMI switching. A USB 2.0 port allows for playback of media content such as JPG photo, MPEG 1/2 and DivX video along with MP3 audio. Along side the USB port is an SD card slot, for easy viewing of data from a camera or camcorder.

Finally, the Toshiba ZV650 feature a “Deep Lagoon” design and invisiable speakers. Expect to find the Regza ZV650 in April ’09.

  • Toshiba 42ZV650U
  • Toshiba 47ZV650U
  • Toshiba 55ZV650U