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Toshiba XV648 | 40XV648U, 46XV648U, 52XV648U

toshiba xv648One of Toshiba’s new LCD HDTV lines sliped past our attention at CES a number of months ago, but has now shown up in time to start taking orders. The well priced Toshiba XV648 series is part of the 2009 Regza line up, and is available in three sizes.

The Regza Toshiba XV648 is being marketed with the phrase “Deep high contrast in all light conditions”. They feature an extra technology called “CrystalCoat” which stops ambient room light reflections from washing out and lowing the contrast of the picture. This creates 30 percent higher contrast in bright rooms.

All thee models feature a full HD / 1080p resolution. Available as the 40-inch Toshiba 40XV648U, the 46-inch Toshiba 46XV648U, and as the 52-inch Toshiba 52XV648U.

toshiba xv648

The Toshiba XV648 models also feature a Dolby volume technology, which helps to ensure a consistent volume level though out watching, even during commercials and channel changes.

Toshiba XV648

  • Toshiba 40XV648U (August 2009, MSRP $1,099.99)
  • Toshiba 46XV648U (August 2009, MSRP $1,499.99)
  • Toshiba 52XV648U (August 2009, MSRP $1,999.99)