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Toshiba Cell TV | Toshiba 55X1

Toshiba Regza 55X1While it might be on it’s way to the US or European shores the new “Cell Regza” or “Cell TV” the Toshiba 55X1 has shown it’s face over in Japan, and is due for release today.

We heard about the new Toshiba Cell HDTV many months back where Toshiba was showing off the new Regza Cell HDTV. Inside the Toshiba Regza 55X1 HDTV is a Cell processor, the very same found in the powerful Playstation 3. This gives the Toshiba HDTV a huge amount of processing power under the hood, giving it “Cell Broadband Engine” and super-resolution processing power.

Toshiba Regza 55X1

The 55-inch Toshiba 55X1 has a 1080p HD resolution and is LED baclit. The 55X1 has aluminum body parts, which we assume refer to the bezel. The Cell Regza 55X1 has also been released alongside the Blu-ray DVR, with has a 3TB hard drive, a 3D GUI, and can record from up to 8 tuners at one time. It can also stream media from the Internet and access video on demand services.

We hope to see this impressive HDTV and Tuner combo in the states soon!

Update: Toshiba have now announced the Cell TV in the US under the new model series name of the Toshiba ZX900.