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Toshiba 37X3030D Reviewed

Toshiba 37X3030DToshiba have been smart with the Regza 37X3030D, they have produced a full HD 1080p HDTV and given it a very reasonable price tag. The Toshiba 37X3030D is mid range between to top of the line Z series and the bottom of the C series, which offers a great mix of a great HD image with out all the other extra features from the top of the line, thus reducing the price.
The 37X3030D which has a great sleek design with a black gloss finish, twin HDMI inputs has been reviewed by Cnet UK, where they say “If you are looking for an LCD that copes well with pretty much everything you can throw at it, the Toshiba 37X3030D is ideal. We’d like to have seen the M100 technology found on the Z series to reduce motion blur, but it isn’t a big deal. For the 37X3030D, it’s two thumbs up. With an increasing number of sources producing 1080p, from HD DVD to the PlayStation 3, this affordable TV is a good choice.