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Toshiba REGZA RF350 Series | 40RF350 & 46RF350

Toshiba 46RF350The Toshiba Regza RF350 Series of LCD HDTV are “design minded” displays which come in two sizes, the 40-inch 40RF350 and the 46-inch 46RF350 and are offered in a range of colors. Both of the RF350 series sets are full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixel resolution) VA panel LCD with 1080p/60p/24p support with 10-bit processing for improved color reproduction and features a wider color gamut backlight. Read more

Toshiba Regza Z3500 Series

Toshiba 57Z3500 (Regza Z3500 Series)Toshiba has announced a total of 15 HDTVs including five in their top of the line flagship series the Toshiba REGZA Z3500 Series. Their new Z3500 Series range from the 37-inch 37Z3500 up the the huge 57-inch 57Z3500 with 42-inch, 46-inch and 52-inch sizes also available.
The Toshiba Z3500 sets certainly do look very impressive and offer many new generation features. Read more

Toshiba Z Series

Toshiba Z-Series 47Z3030DThe new Toshiba Z Series will replace the popular and successful X series. The Z series models will range from the 37-inch Toshiba 37Z3030D, to the largest 57-inch 57Z3030D. All models are LCD 1080p / 24p screen with “Active Vision M100“, which is Toshiba’s 100Hz technology which outputs at a high 100Hz rate to cut down on motion blur and juddery motion. Toshiba has also added a motion judder canceler which should cut out and image jagging from the 3:2 pulldown process. Read more

Toshiba 46H3300 & 52H3300

Toshiba Regza H3300Toshiba have introduced two huge 120Hz LCD HDTVs with integrated HD recorders, named the Toshiba Regza H3300. The H3300 line available as the 46-inch Toshiba 46H3300, or the even more huge Toshiba 52H3300. Both feature tuners and a 300GB slot loading disk drive with the ability to add even more storage space via an eSATA expansion drive. Read more

Toshiba Cinema Series REGZA (LX177)

cinema-series-regza.jpgToshiba have added three new sizes to their Cinema Series Regza (LX177) line up. As we would expect from toshiba’s Cinema Series, the specifications look very good, offering full hd 1080p native resolution, ClearFrame 120Hz high refresh rates for anti-motion blur and PixelPure3G 14-bit digital video processing. Read more

Toshiba 32HL67

Toshiba 32HL67The Toshiba 32HL67 comes in the form of a popular 32-inch sized LCD screen from Toshiba’s Regza line. The 32HL67 is the smaller brother of the 37HL67 with all the same great features and advanced image enhancing technologies such as PixelPure 3G, which is the internal digital video processor which is capable of producing 4,096 levels of gradation for a smooth, natural-looking picture without image banding. The CineSpeed LCD technology screen features DynaLight for a dynamic backlight control which works with PixelPure to monitor the brightness of the incoming video signal and adjusts the brightness of the backlight for optimum image quality and colors. Read more

Toshiba 37C3030D Reviewed

37C3030DThe impressive looking Toshiba 37C3030D is from Toshiba’s Regza C series which is at the lower end shows some small details missing, such as a third HDMI or side port, but to most people this will not be a problem. The 37C3030D is a decent 37-inch 720p / 1080i LCD HDTV with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels, dynamic contrast ratio of 5000:1 and a brightness of 500cd/m2 and an internal digital tuner.
Inputs include 2x HDMI, 2x scart, 1x component, s-video and VGA PC input. The Toshiba Regza 37C3030D is a well priced 37-inch HDTV with enough features to keep first time HDTV buyers extremely happy. Read more

Toshiba 37HL67

37HL67The Toshiba REGZA 37HL67 is a popular 37-inch CineSpeed LCD from Toshiba’s Regza range of HDTVs. The Toshiba 37HL67 makes good use of new advanced technologies such as DynaLight and PixelPure3G and includes an internal digital video processor which creates cleaner and more natural images. Read more

Toshiba 42X3030D Reviewed

Toshiba 42X3030DThe Toshiba 42X3030D can be thought as as a replacement for the 42WLT66, and which offers even more features, 1080p HD and at an even cheaper price tag. The large 42-inch Toshiba Regza 42X3030D has a great look with a glossy black frame finish and offers ful 1080p HD display (with 1080p input support this time), twin HDMI 1.3 inputs (deep color etc), component, scart and s-video Read more

Toshiba 37X3030D Reviewed

Toshiba 37X3030DToshiba have been smart with the Regza 37X3030D, they have produced a full HD 1080p HDTV and given it a very reasonable price tag. The Toshiba 37X3030D is mid range between to top of the line Z series and the bottom of the C series, which offers a great mix of a great HD image with out all the other extra features from the top of the line, thus reducing the price. Read more

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