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Toshiba 40ZF575D, 46ZF575D

toshiba 40zf575dToshiba have updated their ZF series and have produced a worlds first at the same time. The new Toshiba ZF Series of LCD HDTV are the first to feature true upscaling of SD sources. Most HDTVs just stretch the smaller resolution image to the full pixel count to fit the screen, but the Toshiba ZF’s feature Cell processors and Toshiba’s Resolution+ technology. Read more

Toshiba 37XV505DB Reviewed

Toshiba 37XV505DBThe Toshiba 37XV505DB seems like a true winner with it’s good specifications, a large 37-inch full HD (1080p) LCD screen an a very attractive price of just under £600 at the time of writing. The 37XV505DB also has an attractive design with a nice frame, and it doesn’t give anything away that the set comes in on the lower price end. Read more

Toshiba 46XF355D Reviewed

Toshiba 46XF355D SmallThere has been a recent trend to make thinner and thinner HDTVs, and now with the Toshiba 46XF355D, thinner surround frames. The 46-inch Toshiba 46XF355D has a very impressive “picture frame” design, where it’s bezel / frame is just 23mm thick, which not only looks great, but also means the 46XF355D only takes the same space as a regular 40-inch model. Read more

Toshiba CV Series

Toshiba have replaced their C series of LCD HDTVs by the new Toshiba Regza CV series. They are aiming the new Toshiba CV series at customers wishing to upgrade from an existing high specification CRT or older analog LCD TV to HDTV. Read more

Toshiba XV Series

At the middle of Toshiba’s new LCD HDTV ranges comes the brand new Regza XV Series. The Toshiba XV series will replace the very popular X series from 2007, and will feature a full 1080p HD resolution at a very attractive price point. The XV’s will be avaliable in March 08 in three sizes, 32, 37 and 42-inches. Read more

Toshiba ZF Series | 40ZF355D, 46ZF355D

Toshiba ZF SeriesThe Toshiba ZF series holds the current title as the HDTV with the worlds thinest frame, so if you like thin frames, you should love the Toshiba Regza ZF series. The ZF is Toshiba’s flagship range featuring the highest price, but also the highest specifications. Firstly the frame / bezel is ultra thin at just 0.9-inches wide, meaning more important screen size, and less wasted space. Read more

Toshiba 47Z3030D Reviewed

Toshiba 47Z3030DRecently we saw Toshiba release their now very popular Z series to the world, and their 47-inch version, the Toshiba 47Z3030D comes in the middle of the size range. At 47-inches the 47Z3030D is definitely a large screen LCD HDTV, and offers a great sleek and stylish design. As this model is from their top of the line flagship Z series we can expect it to be packed with image enhancing features and top specifications. Read more

Toshiba 52LX177 Reviewed

Toshiba 52LX177The Toshiba 52LX177 is one of Toshiba’s latest offerings, resulting in a very impressive 52-inch LCD HDTV. The 52LX177 is feature packed offering a 1080p full HD LCD screen for the highest HD resolution along with ClearFrame 120Hz Anti-Blur Technology, which uses a very high 120Hz rate to add extra in between frames to reduce judder and motion blur significantly. Read more

Toshiba 32C3030D Reviewed

Toshiba 32C3030D FrontA very popular size in the HDTV market are 32-inch models, and the 32-inch Toshiba 32C3030D has been selling very well indeed. This is probably mostly due to it’s very attractive price tag of around £500 ($1000) or less, and equally as attractive design. Even though the 32C3030D is not one of the more expensive LCD models around, there are no drastic signs of price cutting in the manufacturing process, the set looks great and also offers good connectivity options, no corners cut there. Read more

Toshiba Regza C3500 Series

Toshiba 42C3500Toshiba’s new Regza C3500 Series of LCD HDTV are on the cheaper end of their line up, although they are cheaper they don’t show any signs of cut features. The C3500 series are available as 1080p 1920×1080 pixel resolution models in the larger 37-inch 37C3500 and the 42-inch 42C3500, and as 720p 1,366×768 resolution models in the 32-inch 32C3500 and 26-inch 26C3500. Read more

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