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Toshiba 47Z3030D Reviewed

Toshiba 47Z3030DRecently we saw Toshiba release their now very popular Z series to the world, and their 47-inch version, the Toshiba 47Z3030D comes in the middle of the size range. At 47-inches the 47Z3030D is definitely a large screen LCD HDTV, and offers a great sleek and stylish design. As this model is from their top of the line flagship Z series we can expect it to be packed with image enhancing features and top specifications.

The Toshiba 47Z3030D has a 47-inch 1080p / full hd LCD screen with 24p support, so it can support 24 frames per second film rate, for perfect playback of film content at original fps. As well as 24p support the 47Z3030D support 120Hz high frame rate mode called “Active Vision” which adds in extra frames to smooth image movement and reduce judder.

The dynamic contrast ratio of the 47Z3030D is very high at 15,000:1 which will provide very vivid and bright colours at 500cd/m2 brightness. Connectivity is also very good on the 47-inch Toshiba Z series with connections that include 3x HDMI 1.3 inputs, component, 2x Scart, composite and PC VGA input. Trustedreviews took a look and say, two features of the picture in particular stand out. Such colour intensity additionally helps the picture look unusually solid and deep. The Toshiba 47Z3030′s other stand-out picture quality with our HD source is its sharpness. Rare indeed is it for a set of this size to reproduce all the lovely fine details on a pristine HD source quite so accurately and noiselessly as this Toshiba does. This further boosts the sense of depth to the picture, reinforcing the directness of your connection with it.