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Toshiba 46XV545U Reviewed

toshiba 46xv545uThe Toshiba 46XV545U is from Toshiba’s premium “Cinema Series” of LCD HDTVs. With a large 46-inch Full HD / 1080p, 10-bit LCD panel, the 46XV545U offers the highest HD resolution, and impressive colors, and color grading with the benefit of the 10-bit panel, which allows it to produce more colors.

A key feature of the Toshiba 46XV545U is it’s SRT (Super Resolution Technology), which upconverts and enhances any non Full HD signal, such as 480p and 720p, from standard DVDs and normal TV channels, to produce a more detailed, and near HD picture quality. In a time where not all channels are in HD, and where many people have a vast collection of DVDs, this feature is very useful, allowing you to get the most out of your non-HD content.

toshiba 46xv545u

The Toshiba 46XV545U has 120Hz Anti-Blur technology, which eliminated motion blur, and keeps the images sharp and clear. It does this by intelligently increasing the frame rate to 120 frames per second, and used motion vector frame interpolation technology, along with the PixelPure processor to add in the extra frames.

The 46XV545U’s connectivity is good with 4x HDMI 1.3 inputs, 2x component, PC VGA input, s-video, composite and analog and digital. Cnet revied the Toshiba 46XV545U and said, the overall picture quality of the Toshiba 46XV545U is relatively good, anchored by deep black levels and a dejudder mode that’s less prone to artifacts than many we’ve seen.