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Toshiba 46XF355D Reviewed

Toshiba 46XF355D SmallThere has been a recent trend to make thinner and thinner HDTVs, and now with the Toshiba 46XF355D, thinner surround frames. The 46-inch Toshiba 46XF355D has a very impressive “picture frame” design, where it’s bezel / frame is just 23mm thick, which not only looks great, but also means the 46XF355D only takes the same space as a regular 40-inch model.

As the king of the thin frame the 46XF355D will be a joy to watch without a thick boarder around the image, and the result is extremely impressive, even more so than the smaller 40-inch 40XF355D, and the frame seems even thinner with a larger screen squeezed in there.

The specifications on the Toshiba 46XF355D are equally as impressive with a full 1080p HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels which can be mapped 1:1 without any over scanning for the very best quality, along with a very nice selection of inputs. There are two HDMI inputs on the back, and 1 HDMI input on the side of the 46XF355D, all HDMI 1.3 version, and can accept 24p frame rates. Component, PC VGA, Scart and s-video inputs are also featured.

Toshiba 46XF355D Big

An impressive 10,000:1 contrast ratio means impressive colours, helped by Toshiba 46XF355D’s Active Vision image processing to enhance the image’s colours, contrast, sharpness and reducing noise. TrustedReviews say, HD images also look almost preternaturally sharp on the 46XF355D, with genuinely staggering amounts of fine detail on display. When it comes to sound, its abilities are actually better than expected given how incredibly small the TV’s tiny bezel requires the speakers to be.