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Toshiba 46H3300 & 52H3300

Toshiba Regza H3300Toshiba have introduced two huge 120Hz LCD HDTVs with integrated HD recorders, named the Toshiba Regza H3300. The H3300 line available as the 46-inch Toshiba 46H3300, or the even more huge Toshiba 52H3300. Both feature tuners and a 300GB slot loading disk drive with the ability to add even more storage space via an eSATA expansion drive. As well as the ability to record and play back from the drive, both the 46H3300 and the 52H3300 support 1080p with both 60p and 24p frame rates over the 2x HDMI inputs. As the sets are 120Hz they can make the very most from native 24fs programming that will be found on both blu-ray and HD-DVDs.

Inputs include 2x HDMI, 1x D4, 2x s-video, 3x composite, PC VGA D-Sub input,various audio in and out and an Ethernet connection. A “PC fine mode” is available via either DVI (HDMI), HDMI , D-sub VGA which supports dot by dot mode for perfect pixel correctness and detail.

The 46H3300 will cost about $4,276, and the 52H3300 $5,099.