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Toshiba 40ZF575D, 46ZF575D

toshiba 40zf575dToshiba have updated their ZF series and have produced a worlds first at the same time. The new Toshiba ZF Series of LCD HDTV are the first to feature true upscaling of SD sources. Most HDTVs just stretch the smaller resolution image to the full pixel count to fit the screen, but the Toshiba ZF’s feature Cell processors and Toshiba’s Resolution+ technology. This does a “real” upscaling job, similar the Toshiba’s new XDE upscaler by enhancing details, sharpness and smoothing harsh edges, providing the best looking SD (standard definition) you can get on an HDTV.

toshiba 40zf575d

The new Toshiba ZF’s will be available as the 40-inch Toshiba 40ZF575D and the 46-inch 46ZF575D.  Both have a full HD 1080p LCD screen with a high 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 100Hz, 5:5 pulldown processing,and 6ms response time.  Both sets look great with a very slim frame and sleak finish.  As well as great spesifications and features, connectibity is very good with 4x HDMI 1.3, component, and PC VGA input.  So far there are no prices or dates avaliable, but right now it looks as it will be a Europe first launch.