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Toshiba 55ZX900, 65ZX900 | ZX900 Series Cell TV

Toshiba ZX900 SeriesThe Toshiba Cell TV has been announced for the US, known as the Toshiba ZX900 series. We have previously seen details of the Toshiba Cell HDTV from it’s Japanese version the 55X1.

The Toshiba ZX900 series Cell TV is Toshiba’s top of the range flagship HDTV for 2010 and in many ways stands out from the other highend HDTVs on the market.

The ZX900 series consists of the 55-inch Toshiba 55ZX900, and the 65-inch Toshiba 65ZX900 are unique in the HDTV world as they contain a Cell processor, the very same which powers the Sony Playstation 3. Read more

Toshiba Cell TV | Toshiba 55X1

Toshiba Regza 55X1While it might be on it’s way to the US or European shores the new “Cell Regza” or “Cell TV” the Toshiba 55X1 has shown it’s face over in Japan, and is due for release today.

We heard about the new Toshiba Cell HDTV many months back where Toshiba was showing off the new Regza Cell HDTV. Inside the Toshiba Regza 55X1 HDTV is a Cell processor, the very same found in the powerful Playstation 3. Read more

Toshiba 19LV612U | Kitchen HDTV

The HDTV is starting to spread it’s self around the house. Previously only found in the lounge, and maybe the bedroom, HDTVs are more and more commonly to be found in kitchens.

It’s far from ideal to have a standard HDTV placed in the kitchen. This is why Toshiba have created the kitchen friendly 19LV612U LCD HDTV. Read more

Toshiba XV648 | 40XV648U, 46XV648U, 52XV648U

toshiba xv648One of Toshiba’s new LCD HDTV lines sliped past our attention at CES a number of months ago, but has now shown up in time to start taking orders. The well priced Toshiba XV648 series is part of the 2009 Regza line up, and is available in three sizes.

The Regza Toshiba XV648 is being marketed with the phrase “Deep high contrast in all light conditions”. Read more

Toshiba SV670 | 46SV670U, 55SV670U

The new top of the range Regza LCD HDTV from Toshiba is the Toshiba SV670 series. The SV670′s make great use of the new FocaLight LED backlight technology. The LED backlight with local dimming offers a full matrix of LEDs which can dim independently of each other to create a much higher dynamic contrast ratio for improved colors and image quality. Read more

Toshiba ZV650 | 42ZV650U, 47ZV650U, 55ZV650U

The Toshiba ZV650 series is the middle range of the three new Regza models for 2009. The new Toshiba Regza ZV650 series model will be available in three sizes, as the 42-inch Toshiba 42ZV650U, 47-inch 47ZV650U, and the largest 55-inch 55ZV650U. Read more

Toshiba XV645 | 40XV645U, 46XV645U, 52XV645U

Announced at CES 2009 Toshiba have three new Regza series HDTVs for 2009. Toshiba are taking a “quantum leap” with it’s highly acclaimed Regza line, offering state-of-the-art cosmetics, premium picture quality and next generation connectivity. Read more

Toshiba 46XV545U Reviewed

toshiba 46xv545uThe Toshiba 46XV545U is from Toshiba’s premium “Cinema Series” of LCD HDTVs. With a large 46-inch Full HD / 1080p, 10-bit LCD panel, the 46XV545U offers the highest HD resolution, and impressive colors, and color grading with the benefit of the 10-bit panel, which allows it to produce more colors. Read more

Toshiba Regza ZV | 42ZV555D, 46ZV555D

toshiba 46zv555dToshiba have announced the Toshiba Regza ZV series of LCD HDTVs. The Regza ZV range are no normal HDTVs, they have a new feature which Toshiba is very proud of. Featuring the debut technology “Resolution+” which uses a cell processor (as found in PS3), to display standard definition image in near HD quality, with improved edge and textural detail. Read more

Toshiba RV Series | 37RV555D, 42RV555D, 46RV555D

toshiba 42rv555dAt IFA 2008 Toshiba has been on a roll and have just added the new Toshiba Regza RV series to their lineup. The Toshiba RV’s will be available in three sizes from 37 to 46-inches, and will be “competitively priced”. Read more

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