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Sony Z5500 Series | KDL-40Z5500, KDL-46Z5500, KDL-52Z5500

sony Bravia z5500Sony have expended their Bravia range of HDTVs by adding the Sony Bravia Z5500 Series. The Sony Z5500 series sits in the highend section of their lineup, above the popular and very highly rated W5500 series.

The Z5500 series features Sony’s latest and greatest Motionflow 200Hz technology with image blur reduction. This takes the 100Hz concept and pushes it even further, delivering 200 frames per second for sharp and crisp images, free of image judder and motion blur.

The Sony Bravia Z5500 series will be available in three sizes as the 40-inch Sony KDL-40Z5500, the 46-inch Sony KDL-465Z5500, and the 52-inch Sony KDL-52Z5500.

Sony’s latest image enhancing Engine is featured in the form of Bravia Engine 3, along with Live Colour Creation, which improves the image quality, contrast and colours, to get the very best out of the 1080p / Full HD LCD panel.

sony Bravia z5500

As with a number of recent HDTVs, the Z5500′s feature a “Widget” technology called AppliCast, which connects to the Internet via an Ethernet port to display RSS feed, news, weather, share prices, gossip and much more. The live information can be displayed over the top of the current show you are watching.

Expect to see all three models from June this year, for a starting price of £1,800.

The current 2009 models have been reviewed with high scores, we can only expect the same or better from the Sony Z5500 Series.

  • Sony KDL-40Z5500 | 40-Inch
  • Sony KDL-46Z5500 | 46-Inch
  • Sony KDL-52Z5500 | 52-Inch