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Sony XBR11, XBR12, OLED Leaked

Sony XBR11There has been very little information around about Sony’s latest HDTVs, especially regarding their highend models.

But some very interesting information has now leaked about Sony’s upcoming / prototype HDTVs, including new models in Sony’s flagship XBR range, the Sony XBR11 and XBR12!

A total of nine new series have been leaked with numerous details. There is also mention of the Sony KDL-ZX Series OLED range, but it’s not known which sizes this will come in.

The flagship Sony KDL-XBR12 series features”High Range Advanced LED RGB” backlighting. It’s great to see they are sticking with the local dimming REG LEDs.

Sony XBR11

Shown above is possibly a photo of the Sony XBR11. You can see a floating glass design.

The Sony KDL-XBR11 series uses W-LED technology, which we assume to be White LEDs. The Sony XBR will available in fives sizes from 32-inches all the way to 60-inches.

Other new technology found in the XBR11, which will no doubt be present in the XBR11 also includes, Bravia Engine 3 Pro with HD Video processor, UV2 A panel technology, and EMO Brand The Edge Motion Speaker.

  • KDL-32XBR11 | 32-Inch
  • KDL-40XBR11| 40-Inch
  • KDL-46XBR11| 46-Inch
  • KDL-52XBR11| 52-Inch
  • KDL-60XBR11| 60-Inch

Sony XBR11 Specifications

Other new proposed models include the following:

  • KDL-S6100 | Entry CCFL
  • KDL-V6100 | Mind Range CCFL
  • KDL-W6100 | Mid Range CCFL
  • KDL-Z6100 | High Range CCFL
  • KDL-X500 | Mid Range Edge-Lit LED LCD
  • KDL-650 | High Range Edge-Lit LED LCD
  • KDL-XBR11 | High Range W-LED Backlit LCD
  • KDL-XBR12 | High Range Advanced LED RGB Backlit LCD
  • KDL-ZX Series OLED