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Sony X4500 | KDL-40X4500, KDL-46X4500, KDL-55X4500

Sony X4500 (KDL46X4500)The Sony X4500 series is Sony’s latest top of the range flagship Bravia model offering their latest advanced features and top specifications. This Sony Bravia X4500 series will be available in the usual sizes for Sony’s high end models, 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch. All feature Full HD / 1080p LCD screens and a great “floating design” with translucent frame and a choice of changeable speaker covers (Red or Black) to customize the look.

Now onto the interesting part; the specifications and top notch features. All the Sony Bravia X4500 models feature Sony’s latest Bravia Engine 2 Pro for enhancing the image quality by reducing noise, boosting colour ranges, smooth motion and boosts the contrast for deep blacks. Along with this engine, DRC 3.0 (Digital Reality Creation) uses advanced upconversion technology to provide amazing results on the 1080p screen by boosting the amount of pixels from a no-HD sources such as DVD and normal TV.

The biggest and most exciting development in HDTVs this year has to be RGB LED backlighting, and you guessed it, the Sony X4500′s have it. Well, the larger two do, the 46-inch Sony KDL-46X4500 and 55-inch Sony KDL-55X4500. For the highest quality colors and contrast, the energy efficient RGB Dynamic backlight of the Sony X4500′s can instantly dim and brighten in areas on the picture, reducing light leakage for high contrasts and deep true blacks. Rather than using white LEDs, the X4500′s have clusters of red, green and blue LEDs to provide a wider palette of colours.

Sony X4500 (KDL46X4500)

Motionflow PRO 100Hz technology increases the frame rate by intelligently creating extra frames inbetween the other frames to create smooth flowing judder free viewing with much reduced motion blur. The Sony X4500 series models also go a step further with “IB Reduction” / blacklight blinking with successively switches off horizontal backlight portions of the frame, resulting in further reduced motion blur with out the “flicker” effect of other systems.

Other features include DLNA to network and stream media from other networked devices in your home, a USB input for digital cameras or memory sticks for viewing photos and other media directly on your HDTV. There are four main speakers and two woofers on the Sony KDL-40X4500 and KDL-46X4500, and six main speakers and two woofers on the largest 55-inch Sony KDL-55X4500. Finally, HD connections are very good on all sizes of the Sony X4500 series with four HDMI 1.3 inputs.

Sony Bravia X4500 Series:

  • KDL-40X4500 | 40-Inch, Standard Backlight, ?
  • KDL-46X4500 | 46-Inch, RGB LED Backlight, $4999.
  • KDL-55X4500 | 55-Inch, RGB LED Backlight, $6999.