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Sony W4000 | KDL40W4000, KDL46W4000, KDL52W4000

Sony KDL40W4000Sony have just announced their latest HDTV addition in the form of the Sony Bravia W4000 series. The Sony W4000 range consist of four 1080p LCD HDTVs ranging from 32-inches all the way to 52-inches. Sony are saying that the new Bravia W4000 series “embraces the future of television”, and comes loaded with all the latest features and high specifications.

The Sony W4000 range builds on the very impressive W3000 range (of which I own) which has been very impressive and popular. Available as the 32-inch KDL32W4000, 40-inch KDL40W4000, 46-inch KDL46W4000 and 52-inch KDL52W4000. The addition of the 46-inch model should prove popular as the viewing size difference from the tradition 40 – 52 inch models is quite vast.

Sony KDL40W4000

All four models from the Sony Bravia W4000 HDTV range have a 1080p Full HD LCD screen with 24p support (24fps) and Sony’s latest Bravia Engine 2 processing which enhances many elements of the image for the best viewing experience. All but the smallest 32-inch KDL-32W4000 have a 10-bit LCD panel, rather than the standard 8-bit, meaning they can produce 1024 different shades of graduation between colours, instead of just 256. “Live Colour Creation” and a high 178 degree viewing angle should provide great viewing. The W4000′s are also feature proof by including all the latest features and also supporting an integrated HDTV DVB-T tuner and AVC-HD decoder along side an analog tuner for receiving all signals.

The design of the Sony W4000′s look great, with a stylish yet elegant finish. Unique features of the new bravia’s is a “Picture Frame Mode” which can display photos in all their HD quality when the set is not in use (if desired), for use as a large photo frame display. The brightness is reduced, and then it cycles though photos of your own from the USB photo viewer, or from six pre-installed photos.

Inputs include 3x HDMI 1.3 inputs, which support for x.v.Colour (xvYCC), and Bravia Sync control, 2x Scart, PC VGA inputs and others. All the Bravia 4000′s should be avaliable in May 08. Sony press post

Sony Bravia W4000 Series

  • Sony KDL-32W4000, € 1299
  • Sony KDL-40W4000, € 1799
  • Sony KDL-46W4000, € 2499
  • Sony KDL-52W4000, € 2799