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Sony VE5 | KDL-52VE5, KDL-46VE5, KDL-40VE5

sony Bravia VE5Just as I predicted, Sony has announced the “Eco Bravia“, the Sony VE5 series, which is an highly energy efficient television range. The Sony Bravia VE5 series uses 40% less power than most other LCD HDTVs of the same size.

All Sony Bravia VE5 models feature a zero-watt standby power switch which cuts power usage to “nearly zero watts”, along with a motion sensor which can turn the HDTV off if no motion is detected. The VE5′s are the first HDTVs to feature the highly efficient and exclusive micro-tubular Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (HCFL). There is also an ambient light sensor, which can cut down on the backlight brightness to save more power.

The Sony VE5 range will be available in three sizes, as the 40-inch Sony KDL-40VE5, 46-inch Sony KDL-46VE5 and as the 52-inch Sony KDL-52VE5. TVs are often left on by children or others when they leave the room, the HDTV will detect this and turn off after a set period of time, and turn back on when the person re-enters the room, saving power. All three sizes are Energy Star 3.0 compliant.

sony kdl-40ve5

Performance wise, all three models from the Sony Bravia VE5 series have a Full HD 1080p LCD panel, with Motionflow 120Hz technology for sharp images, even during fast moving scenes. The Bravia Engine 2, provides image enhancement. Other features include 24p True cinema support, 4x HDMI 1.3 inputs, Bravia Sync, PC VGA input and component input.

All models are compatible with Bravia Link modules, including Bravia Wireless Link, Input link and Bravia DVD link. Expect to see all three models this Spring.

Sony VE5

  • Sony KDL-40VE5
  • Sony KDL-46VE5
  • Sony KDL-52VE5