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Sony Vaio LT HD PC/TV

Sony Vaio LT HDThe Sony Vaio LT HD is very interesting. We have had some models of equipment on this site which are both a LCD computer monitor and a HDTV in one, but the Sony Vaio LT HD is a PC and HDTV in one. The Vaio LT HD PC/TV looks like one of Sony’s floating glass HDTVs but it hides away a fully blown PC. To me this sounds like a very good idea, because more and more people want to use their large high resolution screen with their PC and for movie watching. The Sony Vaio LT HD PC/TV can be used as a normal computer or as a media center for playing back HD content and watching and recording live TV.

Sony Vaio LT HD Big

The Vaio LT is available in standard and HD configurations, the HD model features a Blu-ray drive for watching HD movies and also burn burning to BD discs. The Vaio LT features a 22-inch diagonal WSXGA+ widescreen display, with Sony’s XBRITE-HiColor LCD technology for excellent colors and image quality.Also featured is a 1.3 megapixel camera, 2GB or RAM, Core 2 Duo CPU, 802.11n WiFi and a CableCARD slot for viewing HD and premium HD channels. Also a point to note is the Sony Vaio LT HD can be used purely as a HDTV without the need for the PC part of the set to be on. The standard version of the Sony Vaio LT wil go for $1,900, while the Vaio LT HD will go for $2,900. Both can be yours this October.
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