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Sony V Series | Bravia V3000, V5000 Series

Sony V SeriesThe Sony V Series consists of the Sony Bravia V3000, and V5000 series of LCD HDTVs. Both series are again full HD at 1080p (1920x1080p pixel resolution) for the highest HD format, and a 10-bit LCD panel and comes with internal digital and analog tuners. The Sony V5000 series comes in 40, 46, and 52-inch sizes, while the V3000 come in 40 and 56-inches. The higher V5000 series comes with a 2.4GHz band (RF) utilized “every easy remote control” while the V3000 comes with a standard infrared remote control. We are not too sure what the benefit of their radio remote is, except we Imagen the distance it can be used is greatly enhanced, probably allowing you to control the set from a different room with no direct line of sight.

Sony V Series

All sets of the Sony Bravia V Series have a 1,800:1 contrast ratio, with the exception of the 56-inch V5000 (KDL-52V5000) which has a slightly higher contrast ration of 2,000:1. 24p input (24fps) and DeepColor and HDMI CEC are all fully supported by the V Series. The V5000 has 3x HDMI 1.3 inputs, while the V3000 has 2x HDMI 1.3 inputs. Other input include D5 input, and S-video input, composite , VGA PC input, analog audio, optical digital audio, and USB for PC, Ethernet (for media streaming).
Sony Bravia V Series

  • KDL-52V5000 (52-inch V5000)
  • KDL-46V5000 (46-inch V5000)
  • KDL-46V3000 (46-inch V3000)
  • KDL-40V5000 (40-inch V5000)
  • KDL-40V3000 (40-inch V3000)