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Sony KDL-40V2500

KDL-40V2500The 40-inch LCD Sony KDL-40V2500 from their Bravia V-Series has proven to be one of the most popular HDTVs this year. This is for two main reasons, the KDL-40V2500 offers 1080p (Full HD) offering 1920×1080 the highest HD format, and it offers this at a good price from a top brand name. The 40-inch KDL-40V2500 is only a small step down from the very top of the line XBR range of Bravia’s and still offers most of the great features and looks at a great price. Read more

Sony KDS-55A2020 Reviewed

Sony KDS-55A2020If you are looking for a great large rear projection HDTV the Sony KDS-55A2020 SXRD could be your next best friend. The Sony KDS-55A2020 is a 55-inch 1080p rear projection HDTV offering the latest features and delivering sharp and vivid colorful images. The 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution set can display the highest HD format called 1080p or “full hd” offering you the very best in image quality. The KDS55A2020 is well priced at around $2,000, which give you a lot of screen for the money. Read more

Sony KDL-32V2500 Reviewed

sony-kdl-32v2500.jpgSony’s Bravia HDTV have always been popular with buyers, especially in the 32-inch size, so the new Sony KDL-32V2500 should be a very popular LCD given it’s great looks and new improvements. The Sony Bravia KDL-32V2500 to quote it’s full name is a 32-inch LCD upgrade from the popular V series.

The KDL-32V2500 looks great with it’s black and silver finish around the thin frame and has great features also, including 3x HDMI as apposed to two, component, 2x scart and the usual other inputs. Read more

Sony KDS-Z60XBR5 | KDS-Z70XBR5

KDS-Z70XBR5Sony has unveiled two new Bravia SXRD HDTV sets (Silicon X-tal (Crystal) Reflective Display), with full HD 1080p, x.v.Color extended color gamut system, Motionflow 120Hz high-framerate technology with four modes (including “off”) for clearer and judder free viewing. The new SXRDs include Sony’s PhotoTV HD feature which “brings the look of actual printed photography to the set”. The sets are also 40% thinner than the models which they replace, are compatible with Sony’s Bravia Internet Video Link for HD streaming directly to the set from the internet, Read more

Sony A3000 Series

Sony KDS-50A3000 (A3000 Series)Sony have announced three new HDTVs to their A3000 Series line up. All feature full HD 1080p, x.v.Color extended color gamut system, Motionflow 120Hz high framerate technology which is available in four different modes (including “off”) that the user can change to match the current viewed content , such as high-definition sports and Blu-ray movies. All sets are 20% slimmer than last years sets, Read more

Sony BRAVIA W3000, XBR4, XBR5 Series

XBR5Sony have announced the new Bravia W3000, XBR4 and XBR5 series of Full HD 1080p LCD HDTVs. All models feature a 1920×1080 pixel resolution LCD screen, with 10-bit processing, Bravia Engine upscaling, x.v.Color wide color system, the popular XMB crossbar interface which will be familiar to PS3 and PSP users, and Sony’s Bravia Internet Video Link to stream HD video content directly to the set via the internet. Read more

Sony KDL-46S3000 Reviewed

Sony KDL-46S3000Sony has released a bunch of new HDTV lines recently, and the Sony KDL-46S3000 is their largest set from their S3000 series. The KDL-46S3000 has a 46-inch LCD screen offering a 1366 x 768 resolution for 720p and 1080i HD formats. Price at somewhere between the competition’s budget lines and Sony’s own top of the line 1080p sets the KDL-46S3000 is sure to be a popular choice for many users who want a quality name, and a big set at a price which will not sting too much. Read more

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