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Sony KDL40D3500 Reviewed

Sony KDL-40D3500Sony has recently upgraded their D3000 with the new Bravia D3500 series which includes a number of upgrades and enhancements over the previous models, brining the overall spec up to a higher end. The Sony KDL40D3500 is a middle range 40-inch LCD HDTV with a full HD 1080p screen for the highest HD format, offering some great features at a very reasonable price. Read more

Sony Bravia F/F1 Series | KDL46F1, KDL40F1, KDL32F1

Sony F Series (KDL46F1)Sony’s very latest top dog flagship Bravia F/F1 series have just been announced over in Japan, and wow, does it look amazing! The Sony F or F1 series will be avaliable in three sizes, 32-inch, 40-inch, and 46-inch, in either Silver or “Black Sapphire” aluminum finishes. Thin HDTVs seem to be all the rage this year, and the Sony Bravia F1 / F is getting in on the action, at just 7.4 cm wall mountable depth, and a very thin frame of just 27mm. Read more

Sony J1 Series | KDL32J1, KDL26J1, KDL20J1

Sony KDL32J1 (Sony Bravia J1 Series)The new Sony Bravia J1 series consist of three LCD HDTVs which are avaliable in four different colors. The Sony J1 series is a step down from the larger sizes Bravia V1 series, and offers a 720p LCD screen on 20, 26, and 32-inch sizes. Firstly, the Bravia J1′s look great (and similar the the V1′s) with a silver finish at the bottom of the screen and a slim bezel, and are avaliable in black, silver, red and brown. Read more

Sony V1 Series | KDL52V1, KDL46V1, KDL40V1

Sony KDL52V1 (Bravia V1)The new Sony Bravia V1 series is the latest offering from Sony and have just been announced in Japan. The Sony V1 series consists of four 1080p LCD HDTVs avaliable as the largest 52-inch Sony KDL52V1, 46-inch KDL46V1 and the 40-inch KDL40V1. They look great with a stylish silver finish at the bottom of the frame bezel around the black frame. Read more

Sony Bravia M1 Series | KDL20M1, KDL16M1

Sony M1 BraviaThe new Sony Bravia M1 Series sure do look unique and lively. The Sony M1 Series are available in two sizes, as the 20-inch KDL20M1, and the 16-inch KDL16M1. Both have a 1366×768 pixel (720p) HD LCD screen with the larger one providing a 1,200:1 contrast ration, while the smaller 16-incher has a 1,800:1 ratio. Read more

Sony KDL40D3500

Sony KDL-40D3500Sony has just rolled out a new 40-inch LCD full HDTV to the market, and it has already appeared on their official website. The Sony KDL-40D3500 is from their Bravia D range, and this appears to be an upgraded model sporting the new Bravia D3500 model number, making it an upgrade from the Sony KDL40D3000. Read more

Sony KDL46XBR4

Sony KDL-46XBR4In 2007 Sony introduced the Bravia XBR4 series of HDTV, and ever since then it has been one of the most popular HDTVs on the market. The XBR4 series, and in particular the Sony KDL46XBR4 has been a top seller due to it’s very impressive image performance along with the trusted Sony brand and a great unique stylish look with the “floating glass” finish. Changeable color bezels are also avaliable for the Sony KDL-46XBR4, so you can customize the look of the set to fit in perfectly with your room styling. Read more

Sony KDL70X3500 Reviewed

Sony KDL-70X3500Wow, now that is a big Sony HDTV! In fact I believe it is the biggest Sony HDTV currently avaliable. Known as the Sony KDL-70X3500 in Europe, this Bravia X3500 monster is not only huge, it looks great and has some very nice specifications to back it up. Read more

Sony B4000 (Bravia B4000)

Sony B4000Over the last week, Sony introduced 17 new HDTVs for 2008 for the US. I’m sure some of these will make it over to Europe. The Sony Bravia B4000 has just been announced by Sony Europe as a “portable” HDTV. Sony are aiming the B4000 series at people who wish modern sets were not so big and bulky and hard to move around. The Sony B4000 series are available in three smallish sizes, 20-inch, 23-inch and 26-inch. Read more

Sony 2008 HDTV Lineup

Sony has been very busy at this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and have announced a total of 17 brand new Sony Bravia LCD HDTVs to the market.

They have split these 17 new models into six different model lines, starting at the top of the line down, the Z, W, V, XBR6, N and M Series. Covering a size ranging from just 19-inches all the way to 52-inches. Read more

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