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Sony 2009 UK / European HDTV Lineup

Just a short month after announcing their new U.S lineup for 2009 at CES, Sony have now revealed their Bravia lineup for the UK and Europe.

Most of the models are the same, but of course with different model names, and slight specification differences.  This year Sony seem to be targeting the Eco friendly side of the market with their greenest ever LCD HDTVs, especially with the new WE5 series, and also the advanced networked, media technology side. Read more

Sony E5500 | KDL-32E5500, KDL-40E5500

Sony Bravia E5500Sony have updated their “picture frame” style HDTV range with the new Sony E5500 series. Designed to look very much like a picture frame, the stylish and slim Sony Bravia E5500 series comes in a choice of black, aluminium, and walnut effect finishes.

When the HDTV is not being watched, a special Picture Frame mode can be automatically enabled to show a selection of photos, or you can even upload and use your own. Read more

Sony V5500 | KDL-40V5500, KDL-46V5500, KDL-52V5500

sony kdl-40v5500The Sony Bravia V series has always been a popular range, as it offers both very nice HDTV specifications, and also an attractive price tag. The new Sony V5500 series for 2009 is no different in this respect.

The Sony Bravia V5500 series features a new version of the “Draw the line” styling concept for a very attractive piano black gloss finish with a subtle mirror accent. Read more

Sony W5500 | KDL-40W5500, KDL-46W5500, KDL-52W5500

Sony Bravia W5500The latest in the Sony W Series is the Sony Bravia W5500 series, which is available in a wider size range, from 32-inches to 52-inches, rather than starting at the usual 40-inches. The Sony W5500 series is available as the following models, the 32-inch Sony KDL-32W5500, 37-inch KDL-37W5500, 40-inch KDL-40W5500, 46-inch KDL-46W5500, and the largest, 52-inch KDL-52W5500. Read more

Sony WE5 | Sony KDL-40WE5W, KDL-46WE5W “Eco TV”

sony kdl-46we5w (Sony WE5)The Sony Bravia WE5 series is the greenest ever Bravia LCD HDTV, consuming 20-30% less power than the previous year’s Bravia models.  This “Eco TV” or the Eco Bravia as I like to call it, will be available this Spring in the UK / Europe (Sony VE5 for U.S models), in 40-inch and 46-inch sizes as the Sony KDL-40WE5W, and Sony KDL-46WE5W, respectively. Read more

Sony V5100 | KDL-52V5100, KDL-46V5100, KDL-40V5100

sony kdl-52v5100The Sony Bravia V Series for 2009, also know as the Sony V5100 series should be a popular range as it’s placed just below of most expensive highend range, so it’s well priced, but still offers very impressive specifications.

The Sony Bravia V5100 series contains features previously only found in the very top of the range models from 2008, such as MotionFlow 120Hz technology and Sony Bravia Engine 2. Read more

2009 Sony HDTV Prices Announced

Like most companies at this year’s CES, held last month, Sony didn’t announce any prices with their new HDTV lineup. But today that changes, with many of the new models showing up on their business site. Read more

Sony KDL-55X4500 Reviewed

sony kdl-55x4500The 55-inch Sony KDL-55X4500 is from Sony’s top of the line Bravia X4500 series of LCD HDTVs. The KDL-55X4500 model is the largest of the three sizes available. The Sony Bravia KDL-55X4500 is a very interesting and exciting HDTV to hit the market, not only because it’s their flagship model, but because of it’s very impressive specifications and features. Read more

Sony 2009 HDTV Lineup

Sony has unleashed their official information at this years CES show, announcing six new HDTV ranges.  This is the same number as last year, but all the models are brand new.

First up we have their typical flagship XBR range, this year known as the Sony XBR9 series which is available in three sizes. Read more

Sony VE5 | KDL-52VE5, KDL-46VE5, KDL-40VE5

sony Bravia VE5Just as I predicted, Sony has announced the “Eco Bravia“, the Sony VE5 series, which is an highly energy efficient television range. The Sony Bravia VE5 series uses 40% less power than most other LCD HDTVs of the same size.

All Sony Bravia VE5 models feature a zero-watt standby power switch which cuts power usage to “nearly zero watts”, along with a motion sensor which can turn the HDTV off if no motion is detected. Read more

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