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Sony Z5800 Series | KDL-40Z5800, KDL-46Z5800, KDL-52Z5800

Sony KDL-40Z5800The newly announced Sony Bravia Z5800 series is the first HDTV range to feature a triple tuner along with Motionflow 200Hz.

As the Sony Z5800 series features the next generation of Integrated Digital Television (IDTV), with three tuners (DVB-S2, DVB-T and DVB-C) you can view Freesat HD broadcasts and more without the need for a set-top box. Read more

Sony KDL-32W5500 Reviewed

Sony KDL-W5500The 32-inch Sony KDL-32W5500 is the smallest model from the popular Sony Bravia W5500 series of LCD HDTVs.

The Bravia W range has always been a popular series for Sony, as it is one of the highest ranges, but comes in just below the very highend models. Read more

Sony KDL-46V5100 Reviewed

Sony KDL-46V5100The 46-inch Sony KDL-46V5100 is the middle sized model from the Sony V5100 series, which is the latest version of the popular Sony Bravia V series.

While the Sony KDL-46V5100 might not be from Sony’s top of the range series, it’s placed just below the very expensive higher models. Read more

Sony KDL-40W5500 Reviewed

Sony KDL-40W5500The 40-inch model from the Sony W5500 series is the Sony KDL-40W5500.

As part of the latest W series, the Sony KDL-40W5500 comes from one of Sony’s newest and highend HDTV ranges. The W5500 range places it’s self just one or two down from Sony’s flagship models. Read more

Sony KDL-37S5500 Reviewed

sony kdl-37s5500The Sony KDL-37S5500 37-inch LCD HDTV comes from Sony’s new 2009 Bravia S5500 series. The Sony S5500 series is their latest entry level offering, with sizes upto 40-inches.

The Sony Bravia KDL-37S5500 is a great choice for those who want to get started in the HDTV world, and maybe replace their large CRT TV, and don’t want to spend the earth on it. Read more

Sony Z5500 Series | KDL-40Z5500, KDL-46Z5500, KDL-52Z5500

sony Bravia z5500Sony have expended their Bravia range of HDTVs by adding the Sony Bravia Z5500 Series. The Sony Z5500 series sits in the highend section of their lineup, above the popular and very highly rated W5500 series.

The Z5500 series features Sony’s latest and greatest Motionflow 200Hz technology with image blur reduction. Read more

Sony KDL46W5500 Reviewed

sony kdl-46w5500The Sony KDL46W5500 is the 46-inch model from the Sony Bravia W5500 series. The W5500 series is Sony’s latest and greatest Bravia W series edition, which sits at the top end of Sony’s HDTV offering.

At 46-inches, the Sony KDL-46W5500 is the second biggest model behind the 52-inch monster. Read more

Sony KDL-46X4500 Reviewed

Sony KDL-46X4500The Sony KDL-46X4500 is a 46-inch LED backlit LCD HDTV from Sony’s top of the range Bravia X4500 series.

As it’s from Sony’s top of the range series, you can expect it to perform very well, and have some features which you wouldn’t find on lower models. The Sony KDL-46X4500 is the first Sony HDTV to feature RGB (red, green, blue) LED backlighting, which can be individually controlled. Read more

Sony KDL-40V5500 Reviewed

Sony kdl-40v5500The Sony KDL-40V5500 is the 40-inch model from Sony’s latest V series, the V5500. The Sony V5500 series offers a great balance between price and performance, and currently sits just under the highest end models.

With a full HD / 1080p LCD panel, the Sony KDL-40V5500 offers the highest HD format, along with a very nice sleek design, with transparent section above the bottom speakers. Read more

Sony W5100 | KDL-40W5100, KDL-46W5100, KDL-52W5100

sony kdl-52w5100 (Sony W5100 Series)The Sony W5100 series was strangely missing from the new Sony 2009 HDTV lineup at CES in January, but it’s European version did show it’s face. The latest Sony Bravia W series has now received it’s official announcement from Sony, revealing the same Ethernet / Internet connectivity as found on the already announced Z5100 and XBR9 models. Read more

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