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Sony KDS-55A2020 Reviewed

Sony KDS-55A2020If you are looking for a great large rear projection HDTV the Sony KDS-55A2020 SXRD could be your next best friend. The Sony KDS-55A2020 is a 55-inch 1080p rear projection HDTV offering the latest features and delivering sharp and vivid colorful images. The 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution set can display the highest HD format called 1080p or “full hd” offering you the very best in image quality. The KDS55A2020 is well priced at around $2,000, which give you a lot of screen for the money. The KDS-55A2020 also offers a decent video processor to make the most of the 1080p display, and can display full 1080p feeds via HDMI, but unfortunately not component of VGA, so try to use HDMI if possible. Other inputs also include, HDMI, component, VGA, s-video, RF, and also includes an internal NTSC, ATSC tuner. PC Mag gave the KDS-55A2020 a good review and said, the 55A2020 provides a comprehensive set of picture controls within the user-accessible menus including white balance, iris, and power-saving controls that should prove useful to videophiles or professional calibrators.
All in all, the Sony KDS-55A2020 delivered a satisfying viewing experience, with good picture quality and a friendly interface. No rear-projection HDTV can match the image clarity and detail of a quality flat-panel display, but this Sony RPTV provides big-screen enjoyment for about a third of the price of a comparably sized 1080p plasma or liquid crystal flat-panel TV.