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Sony KDL40V3000

Sony KDL40V3000I have always been particularly impressed with the latest Sony HDTVs, so much so I own the Sony KDL40W3000 model. Released at the same time was the also very impressive 40-inch Sony KDL40V3000 LCD HDTV. I also feel that 40-inches is a very good size for a modern HDTV, it is certainly far from small, but neither is it a massive object in the room.

The Sony KDL40V3000 benefits from featuring a full HD (1080p) LCD screen offering the very highest HD format avaliable, providing the ultimate image quality. A very hight dynamic contrast ratio of 16,000:1 along with Sony’s Live Colour Creation technology produces amazingly vibrant and natural colors, with a 30% larger colour gamut than standard.

Three HDMI inputs allow easy connectivity with the latest HD devices allowing full 1080p input for the highest quality. Other inputs inclide, PC VGA input, component, scart, and s-video for older equipment. Another great feature of the Sony KDL-40V3000, which sets it apart from some of the other Sony Bravia’s is the fact that the KDL40V3000 can support 24p, which is 24 frames per second playback, which is featured on content such as Blu-ray. Films are recorded at 24fps, and the KDL40V3000 can play back at this exact frame rate for the best flowing, judder free action, rather than converting to 25fps.

An internal digital and analog tuner allows other the air reception of channels with no extra hardware. Both standard and high definition pictures are enhanced by Sony’s Bravia Engine technology, which enhances viewing by increasing the contrast, colours and also reducing noise and broadcast compression artifacts for supreme image quality.

The sound on the Sony Bravia KDL40V3000 is impressive with powerful S-Force Front Surround speakers which give full surround sound effects from just 2 built-in front speakers.