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Sony KDL70X3500 Reviewed

Sony KDL-70X3500Wow, now that is a big Sony HDTV! In fact I believe it is the biggest Sony HDTV currently avaliable. Known as the Sony KDL-70X3500 in Europe, this Bravia X3500 monster is not only huge, it looks great and has some very nice specifications to back it up.

So if you live in Europe, and want the best…. and a huge HDTV then the Sony Bravia KDL-70X3500 could be just the HDTV for you. It’s huge 70-inch LCD screen offers a full 1080p HD resolution for the highest resolution avaliable, along with full 10-bit processing for supreem colours. BRAVIA Engine Pro enhances both standard and High definition images to look the very best they can by digitally processing each frame to remove noise, compression, and enhance colours and contrast.

Sony has also gone a step further than most of it’s other HDTV’s by adding a Triluminos LED backlight, which used LEDs rather than a standard CFL light, for improved colours, which also uses less power, and makes the Sony KDL70X3500 even slimmer. Motionflow +100Hz is also supported to allow for smooth motion during panning and fast moving scenes. 24p is also supported for exact 24fps frame rate playback for optimum film viewing.

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