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Sony KDL-55X4500 Reviewed

sony kdl-55x4500The 55-inch Sony KDL-55X4500 is from Sony’s top of the line Bravia X4500 series of LCD HDTVs. The KDL-55X4500 model is the largest of the three sizes available. The Sony Bravia KDL-55X4500 is a very interesting and exciting HDTV to hit the market, not only because it’s their flagship model, but because of it’s very impressive specifications and features.

The Sony KDL-55X4500 is one of Sony’s first HDTVs to feature RGB LED backlighting with local dimming to deliver a massive 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for supreme black levels and vivid colors. Unlike most manufacturers, Sony have used RGB LEDs, rather than white LEDs, the collection of red, green and blue LED deliver a wider palette of colours. The local dimming technology dims the LEDs in separate areas of the HDTV to deliver the best image quality, while also saving energy.

sony kdl-55x4500

As you would have probably assumed, the Sony KDL55X4500 features a full HD / 1080p LCD for the highest HD resolution format. The set features a “floating design” with transparent frame, and inter-changeable speaker covers to personalise the look of the HDTV.

All feature Full HD / 1080p LCD screens and a great “floating design” with translucent frame and a choice of changeable speaker covers (Red or Black) to customize the look.

Every advanced technology available seems to be featured in the Sony KDL-55X4500 for the very best image quality. Sony Bravia Engine 2 Pro, MotionFlow Pro, 24p, 10-bit panel and live color creation all enhance the HDTVs performance. TrustedReviews rated the KDL-55X4500 nine out of 10 over all and said, I’ve had my problems with various Sony TVs over the past 12 months, but the Sony KDL-55X4500 is a truly landmark product that finally elevates the brand to the same sort of heights in the flat TV world that it once enjoyed in the CRT world. Honestly, it’s that good.