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Sony ZX5 | KDL-52ZX5 & KDL-46ZX5

While Sony has been very busy showing off their latest HDTVs from the European market at IFA, they have also managed to announce the new highend Sony Bravia ZX5 series in Japan.

The Sony ZX5 series is packed with the very latest technology, such as wireless 1080p connection, super slim design and 240Hz MotionFlow technology.

It will be available in two sizes as the 46-inch Sony KDL-46ZX5, and the 52-inch Sony KDL-52ZX5. Both have the same very stylish design, which I very much like, and are very slim, with the 52-inch measuring just 16.6mm, and the 46-inch just 15.8mm.

Both the Sony Bravia ZX5 models feature a 1080p LCD panel, which is edge-mounted LED backlit, and 240Hz MotionFlow which keeps the images sharp, crisp and judder free during fast moving and panning scenes.

Sony Bravia zx5

One of the main features of the Z5X models, along with it’s stunningly thing design, it the Sony Bravia 1080p Wireless connectivity, which streams 1080p HD content to the HDTV eliminating the need for cables, making it easier to wall mount.

Video on Demand via acTVila is also supported, along with DLNA home network streaming support.

Both the Sony KDL-46ZX5 and KDL-52ZX5 will be available in Japan from November for about 650,000 Yen ($7,000) for the KDL-52ZX5 and 550,000 Yen ($6000) for the KDL-46ZX5.

Update: This series will be known as the Sony XBR10 series in the U.S.