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Sony KDL-46X4500 Reviewed

Sony KDL-46X4500The Sony KDL-46X4500 is a 46-inch LED backlit LCD HDTV from Sony’s top of the range Bravia X4500 series.

As it’s from Sony’s top of the range series, you can expect it to perform very well, and have some features which you wouldn’t find on lower models. The Sony KDL-46X4500 is the first Sony HDTV to feature RGB (red, green, blue) LED backlighting, which can be individually controlled.

Unlike some other LED systems, which are side lit, the system in the Sony Bravia KDL-46X4500 have the LED groups behind the LCD, allowing for individual control, allowing for dimming in specific areas on the image, and not others, to provide for amazing control ratio, and image quality. Sony also say that the RGB system they use, compared to the standard white LEDs others uses, provides a much better / truer peak white colour.

Sony KDL-46X4500

The Sony KDL-46X4500 also features MotionFlow 100Hz technology for reducing motion blur and image judder. Bravia Engine 2 Pro Engine enhances and improves image quality. TrustedReviews gave the Sony KDL-46X4500 a great review, giving it 9 out of 10 overall, and a very impressive 10 out of 10 for image quality, and said the 46X4500 confirms in no uncertain terms that the jaw-dropping pictorial glories of the Sony KDL-55X4500 were no fluke. Sony really has hit the ground sprinting with its debut LED sets, delivering HD pictures so good that they actually make their premium prices look like bargains.