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Sony WE5 | Sony KDL-40WE5W, KDL-46WE5W “Eco TV”

sony kdl-46we5w (Sony WE5)The Sony Bravia WE5 series is the greenest ever Bravia LCD HDTV, consuming 20-30% less power than the previous year’s Bravia models.  This “Eco TV” or the Eco Bravia as I like to call it, will be available this Spring in the UK / Europe (Sony VE5 for U.S models), in 40-inch and 46-inch sizes as the Sony KDL-40WE5W, and Sony KDL-46WE5W, respectively.

The Sony WE5 models allow you to enjoy compromised Sony Full HD viewing while also saving on your electricity bill.  Packed with energy saving features and impressive specifications, the Sony WE5 series size for size consumes over 50% less power than it’s predecessor.

Both the 40-inch KDL-40WE5W, and 46-inch KDL-46WE5W feature a full HD (1080p) LCD panel, for the highest HD format, along with the world’s first micro-tubular HCFL backlight, which cuts power consumption by more than 50%.  Along with the new power saving backlight, the Sony WE5 model also feature an “Energy Saving Switch” which conveniently cuts power consumption to zero, and a unique “Smart Presence Sensor” which switches off the picture when the set is not being watched.

The presents sensor detects body heat and movement within normal viewing range of the HDTV, and if you leave the room to answer the door or during a commercial break, the HDTV with enter “picture off” mode, saving energy, while leaving the sound on.  If you leave for a long time, or say, fall asleep, and no movement is detected for 30 minutes, the HDTV will enter standby move automatically.

sony kdl-46we5w (Sony WE5)

Along with these great energy saving features and a special “Eco settings” menu, the Sony Bravia WE5 series also features impressive display performance.  Bravia Engine 3 improves image quality by filtering, cleaning and enhancing image data, while Motionflow 100Hz technology with Image Blur reductions increases the frame rate for sharper, smoother flowing images during sports and fast moving scenes.

The Sony Bravia WE5 boasts a 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 24p support and impressive connectivity with inputs including, 4x HDMI 1.3 , PC VGA, component, scart, USB 2.0, DLNA Ethernet and AppliCast Internet widgets support.

Expect to find the Sony KDL-40WE5W for £1349, and the Sony KDL-46WE5W for £1649, in April this year.