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Sony KDL-40E4000 Reviewed

sony kdl-40e4000The Sony KDL-40E4000 is the largest HDTV from the Sony E4000 series, at 40-inches. The Sony Bravia E4000 series is one of the most interesting ranges to come to light this year. With the unique “Picture Frame” design, the Sony Bravia KDL-40E4000 has a great design, which lets the HDTV blend in better with your room, rather than distracting from it.

The 40-inch Sony KDL-40E4000 is ideally to be wall mounted, but can be used with the stand. With the HD Picture Frame mode, it allows you to display your favorite photos, or art work on the HDTV, when the set is not in use, acting like a modern picture frame. There are six included photos, but others can be added with the use of a USB stick.  There are also six different frame color options to customize the look.

sony kdl-40e4000

Picture frame looks and modes aside, the Sony KDL-40E4000 is also a very good HDTV with great specifications.  The Sony KDL-40E4000 has a 40-inch 10-bit, 1080p / Full HD LCD panel, with 24p support and Bravia Engine 2 for image enhancement. CnetUK reviewed the KDL-40E4000 and said, the HDTV really shines with. The included artwork is really quite remarkable and looks stunning on this HDTV. The Casino Royale Blu-ray, happily, did a brilliant job. The opening black and white scene looked as gritty and grainy as it is supposed to, there is a truly awe-inspiring amount of detail in the picture and the HDTV handles the mix of muted office and brighter bathroom shots incredibly well.