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Sony V1 Series | KDL52V1, KDL46V1, KDL40V1

Sony KDL52V1 (Bravia V1)The new Sony Bravia V1 series is the latest offering from Sony and have just been announced in Japan. The Sony V1 series consists of four 1080p LCD HDTVs avaliable as the largest 52-inch Sony KDL52V1, 46-inch KDL46V1 and the 40-inch KDL40V1. They look great with a stylish silver finish at the bottom of the frame bezel around the black frame.

All the Sony V1′s have a 1080p HD LCD display with a contrast ratio of 3,000:1, 24p support for true film frame rates, and 120Hz MotionFlow technology which intelligently adds in extra frames to provide smooth and judder free images. The Sony V1 series also feature Sony’s latest Bravia Engine 2 image processing which vastly improves image quality and colors.

The Sony Bravia V1 series also features a 2.4GHz Bravia Link remote control which operates on the 2.4GHz wireless frequency rather than the standard Ir. Connectivity is very good on the V1 series with two HDMI inputs featuring HDMI control technology, s-video, D5, VGA, USB and Ethernet.

  • Sony KDL-52V1 | $4260
  • Sony KDL-46V1 | $3400
  • Sony KDL-40V1 | $2400