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Target’s 28, 32-Inch Sony Bravias | KDL32ML130, KDL26ML130

Sony Bravia KDL32ML130 TargetJust as promised a few months back, Sony has made two Sony Bravia LCD HDTVs available exclusively to Target stores (and Target Online stores) at discount prices. The 26-inch Sony KDL26ML130 and the 32-inch Sony KDL32ML130 from their Bravia range of 720p HDTVs are currently at their online store for $799.99 and $899.99 respectively, and will be in stores from September 07.
Other stores such as Wal-Mar should see similar offerings coming their way soon, but for now Target is the only place to grab these two HDTVs at a very good price.

Not too many details are available about these sets, but we know they will be of good build quality and trustworthy as they are from Sony. The sets features a flat panel LCD screen for 720p HD resolutions which do not suffer from burn-in problems as plasmas do. A internal ATSC TV tuner is included for receiving HD programming directly though the antenna.

Sony Bravia at Target Stores:

  • KDL32ML130 – 32-inch, $899
  • KDL26ML130 – 26-inch, $799