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Sony J1 Series | KDL32J1, KDL26J1, KDL20J1

Sony KDL32J1 (Sony Bravia J1 Series)The new Sony Bravia J1 series consist of three LCD HDTVs which are avaliable in four different colors. The Sony J1 series is a step down from the larger sizes Bravia V1 series, and offers a 720p LCD screen on 20, 26, and 32-inch sizes. Firstly, the Bravia J1′s look great (and similar the the V1′s) with a silver finish at the bottom of the screen and a slim bezel, and are avaliable in black, silver, red and brown.

As the biggest screen size is 32-inches, the 720p resolution should be more than enough pixels to get a great image. The smallest 20-inch model the KDL-20J1 has a 1,200:1 contrast ratio, the 26-inch KDL-26J1 a 2,000:1, and the largest 32-inch KDL-32J1 a higher 2,500:1 ratio.

Apart from the LCD resolution, the difference between the Sony J1 series and the V1, is the J1′s lack the 120Hz processing, but still retain the USB and Ethernet connectivity functions. Other connections and the Bravia J1′s include 2x HDMI and PC VGA input. All three sets will be out in Japan in March, we look forward to world wide release.

  • Sony KDL20J1 | 20-Inch
  • Sony KDL26J1 | 26-Inch
  • Sony KDL32J1 | 32-Inch