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Sony B4000 (Bravia B4000)

Sony B4000Over the last week, Sony introduced 17 new HDTVs for 2008 for the US. I’m sure some of these will make it over to Europe. The Sony Bravia B4000 has just been announced by Sony Europe as a “portable” HDTV. Sony are aiming the B4000 series at people who wish modern sets were not so big and bulky and hard to move around. The Sony B4000 series are available in three smallish sizes, 20-inch, 23-inch and 26-inch.

All three sets feature an all in one design, with no separate stand, and includes a convenient handgrip at the rear, for easy and save portability, making the Bravia B4000 the perfect HDTV for moving from room to room, or placing in a space limited area. Available in two colours, pearly white, or glossy mocha.

The Sony B4000 also includes the Bravia Engine which enhances the image quality by boosting colours, contrast and image sharpness to get the very best in image quality. Also featured is Virtual Dolby Surround and BBE ViVa audio signal processing for crisp, clear, immersive audio.

Sony Bravia B4000 Series:

  • Sony KDL20B4000
  • Sony KDL23B4000
  • Sony KDL26B4000

Sony-Europe Press post