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Sony Says 3DTV shipments set to reach 46 million by 2013, 3D Blu-Ray

Sony 3D VisionSony has launched a new monthly e-newsletter called “3D Vision”, which will cover the latest news in the 3D market with interviews and articles.

Over the past year it has been clear that 3D is very much on it’s way back, with all the major manufacturers getting in on the game.

Sony say we are about to experience a critical progressing though the introduction of 3D technology within the home environment. They also make a very bold statement by saying the expect 3DTV shipments to reach 46 million by 2013, and talk about 3D blu-ray.

Sony 3D Vision

Research form GigaOM Pro estimate that by 2013 up to 46 million 3DTV capable flat-panel HDTVs will heat to consumers. They said, “While the initial shipments of flat-panel 3DTVs will be small in 2010 due to premium pricing strategies by the large TV manufacturers, volumes are likely to grow quickly in just a few short years as manufacturers begin to implement 3-D as a standard feature across their HD flat-panel product lines.” As 3D becomes a standard feature with just a slight cost premium in coming years, many consumers will opt for 3Dcapable TVs even if the majority of the content they watch will be 2D.

Sony also talk about 3D and Blu-ray, calling it a technology love affair. The BDA 3D Task Force have a number of objectives, which include Full 1080p resolution per eye, and backward compatibility with 2D players.

This is all very exciting news, it looks like 3D is coming, whether you want it or not!

Sony 3D Vision Newsletter link (pdf)